ps1500 The PS1500 features independently programmable 5V and 12V channels with self-compensation circuit to automatically adjust for various loads. A selectable I/O address makes integration a snap. The PS1500 can be pre-programmed for different voltage variations.

Dimension: 4-3/4" H x 13-3/4 " Wx2-1/8"D 
Weight:      2.35 lbs

ps2133 The PS2133 is a high performance 33 MHz UIDE controller that interfaces up to four IDE hard drives to the Peripheral Components Interconnect (PCI) local bus.

Dimension: 4-1/2" H x 5 " W 
Weight:      025 lbs

ps2166 The PS2166 Ultra66 MHz controller is perfect for such demanding applications such as real-time video, disk drive testing, multimedia and high performance operating systems. Installs easily into any available 32-bit PCI slot. Special IDE connector at the back for short cable setup.

Dimension: 4 " H x 5-3/8" W 
Weight:      0.25 lbs

ps3195 The PS3195 targets PCs, workstations and servers. This SCSI adapter is an ULTRA2 Wide SCSI host adapter, capable of controlling up to 15 SCSI devices while achieving a throughput of up to 80 Mb/sec. Firmware can be easily upgraded with Flash BIOS

Dimension: 4 " H x 6-3/4" W 
Weight:      0.25 lbs