Perfect for power supply testing, the PS100 measures noise from a 5V and 12V source. With a variable internal load, the user can select how much current is drawn.

Dimension: 4" H x 5-1/4" W x 12- 5/8" D
Weight:      9.00 lbs

Perfect for equipment chassis or prototype

Dimension: 4" H x 15-1/4"" W x 12-5/8"D Weight:      9.00 lbs.

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ps1600 Alone, the PS1600 can multiplex from 1 to 16 video/keyboard/serial ports from a single point of presence. When configured as master unit ,it can be daisy-chained with slave units, creating a network of multiplexers to support up to 256 computers. In a testing environment, it provides an auto-scan mode with a programmable delay time for efficient monitoring.

Dimension: 6-1/2"" H x 14"W x 7"D Weight:      5.00 lbs.


Perfect for instruments based on PII / PIII systems. Its ideal size and light-weight aluminum construction make it easy to store in an airline's overhead compartment. Comes with a carrying handle and a 250 Watt Power Supply. LCD with controller is optional.

Dimension: 13-1/2"" H x 7-3/4"W x 16-1/4"D Weight:      11.00 lbs.


  • Custom designed and manufactured Mobile Rack to hold 80 custom built PS3050 Micro-Targer hard disk test systems.
  • Custom designed and manufactured 16 AC outlet power strips for easy power connection
  • Mounting brackets for Ethernet Hubs under the shelves
  • Fully assembled and test with 24 hours burn-in
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